���������𽺣����ݣ����޹�˾�ǵ¹�Kraiburg�����޹�˾��ȫ���ӹ�˾����˾����������������NR, SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM, CR, IR �ȸ����𽺾ۺ���Ļ��������Լ�FPM,ECO,HNBR, VAMAC, CSM, FMQ, ACM, XNBR, IIIR, EVM �����ֺϳ��𽺣����ǵIJ�Ʒ�㷺Ӧ���ڰ����������������ڵĸ��ֹ�ҵ���� ���죬���������Ѿ�����ҵ��Ϊһ������ȫ���������˾��ƾ���Լ����õIJ�Ʒ���������������������Ѿ������緶Χ�ڵĿͻ������������ܵ�ͬ����ר�ҵ��ϿɺͿ϶���ͬʱ������������Ϊһ���ɿ��ĺ�����飬������������IJ�Ʒʹ��˾50��������Ϊһ��רҵ��������������ߡ� ����������Ŀǰ��ȫ��ӵ��1800����Ա�����н���10%��Ա�������ڹ�˾�Ŀ��з�չ���������ƣ��Դ���ȷ����ǿ�����̿��������г������ȵ�λ��ӵ�и����ʵ�Ա�������µ��豸���߳��ĿƼ������ʵIJ�Ʒ����ʹ���dz�Ϊһ��רһ���л�����ǿ���塣 ����һֱ����:Ա���ǹ�˾�ɹ�IJƸ��� ��������˾ӵ�����Ի��Ĺ����������Ա���ṩ�о�������нˮ�������ĸ��˷�չ�ռ�Ͳ����ڵĺ�������ѵ���ᡣ ��ӭ�������������(���ݣ����޹�˾��������һ����ǣ�ֹ�ͬ�����������죡 Kraiburg Rubber(suzhou)Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Germany bases Gummiwerk Kraiburg GmbH. The business scope of Kraiburg is the development and manufacture of rubber compound based on elastomers of NR, SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM, CR, IR etc, and special elastomers like FPM, ECO, HNBR, VAMAC, CSM,FMQ,ACM,XNBR,IIIR, and EVM etc. Our products are comprehensive used for automobile, rubber roller and different kind of rubber industry. Today, KRAIBURG becomes a highly successful and world-famous company in the rubber business. KRAIBURG is proud of its well-respected name and reputation among experts in its field and is confirmed by its many loyal customers worldwide. Kraiburg’s reliability and high quality products make us famous as a competent specialist over more than 50 years. The KRAIBURG group currently employs about 1,800 people. Nearly 10 percent are engaged in the fields of research, development and quality control, to assure and to strengthen our KRAIBURG market leadership. High qualified and motivated employees, the latest equipment, superior technology and the highest quality standard all act together in a single dynamic and powerful unit. We insist that “Our employees are our great fortune”! KRAIBURG has the humanistic management and we will supply the competitive salary, enough development space and the special training opportunities for the employees home and abroad. Welcome to join us and we will be hand in hand into the future��